Hertha Berlin propose to build new 55,000 capacity stadium

By | March 31, 2017

Bundesliga outfit Hertha Berlin have announced plans to build a new 55,000 capacity stadium in the Olympiapark, next to their current home (the Olympic Stadium)

The Olympic Stadium was originally built for athletics and Hertha are the only team in the current Bundesliga without a proper, built-for-football only stadium.

The attendances at the Olympiastadion aren’t bad, but Hertha have only managed to fill a little over 60% of their seats, which is poor compared to the league average of 92%

The stadium is proposed to be built privately (and hence fully owned by Hertha) and is expected to provide a better match day experience for the club’s supporters. The current Olympiastadion is owned by the government and Hertha have paid them rent since 1963.

The club have said that they would prefer to build it in the current Olympiapark precincts, but have a backup plan to move to Brandenburg Park in Ludwigsfelde in the event of not receiving permission from the authorities.

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